ISSUE 01 | History 

Our debut issue includes poems and short stories by young women of colour based on the theme, 'History'. From meditations on the nature of memory/trauma, national identity, and modern relationships, to a reimagination of a famous fairytale, the range in this 14-piece issue is wide. 

Digital copy freely available for download. 


ISSUE 02 | Space 

The second issue  includes ​23 pieces on the theme 'Space'. Some are melancholy, some are sinister, and some are euphoric. Our writers have dealt with the abyss in their own unique ways - after all, it is the boundlessness of space that makes it so entrancing.

Digital copy available to buy for £1.50 .


ISSUE 03 | Consciousness 

Our latest and largest issue includes 33 pieces on 'Consciousness'. 

Digital copy available to buy for £1.50 .


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